Newell High School 


                                                               Algebra  2












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                                                                                            Classroom Rules                  

                                            1.  Bring Materials         

                                           Text                                                     Homework                      

                                                               Notes                                                   Pens & pencils

                                                   Paper                                        Computer

                                                   Assignment Notebook


                                            2.  Be on Time for Class        

                                                               Please, be in your desk before the tardy bell rings.


                                            3.  Respect the property of others (Students    & School)       

                                                               Take care of school property.

                                                               Be courteous to other students---give them space and respect their property.

                                                               Use appropriate language.


                                            4.  Be Responsible

                                        You are responsible for your own learning.

                                        Learn to make the correct choices and you will succeed. 

                                        Use your time wisely.  Listen to instructions.  Practice the material to make sure you understand.


                                            5.  Follow the rules in the student handbook.   

                                        Note:  When using your assignment notebook, completely fill out the destination and the time on the correct page, before asking me to sign it.